OFAC Keeps Busy with Iran, Syria, and Venezuela Designations

It is evident now that the U.S. government officials charged with implementing U.S. sanctions policies remain hard at work, even while they are confined at homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.  In June alone, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) in the Department of the Treasury has acted 6 times to make new designations, amend, and remove designations under its sanctions programs on Iran, Syria, and Venezuela.  These actions, among others, can be found on OFAC Recent Actions page. On … Read More

What’s the deal on dealing with Huawei?

In the wake of multiple rounds of increasing restrictions by the U.S. government on trade with the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei and its subsidiaries, your company may be led to believe that any transaction with Huawei or participation in the Huawei supply chain is now prohibited.  In fact, that is not so.  Indeed, the United States government regards Huawei as a serious geopolitical and national security threat to U.S. interests and severely restricts the ability of U.S. businesses to deal … Read More